‘The Hive’ traces influence of bees on humans

By Charlie Parton

The Hive, a book by Bee Wilson (yes that’s her name), will be available for check out from the BCBA library at the next meeting.

The Hive by Bee Wilson

This book recounts all the weird and wonderful things that humans believed about bees and their ‘‘society’’ over the ages.

Would you believe that man once thought that bees were created from the rotting carcass of an ox? As if that wasn’t bad enough, there were detailed instructions on how to suffocate the poor animal in order to facilitated the creation of honeybees. It was also widely accepted that the ruler of the hive was a King bee and not the Queen as we now know.

If you want to know more about how honeybees influenced society and man’s thinking concerning work, government and love you will enjoy this book. The reader of The Hive will learn just how important the bee has been through the years.

Be warned this is not a book on beekeeping, but on how bees impacted mankind.

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