Doug Hardwick

Special thanks to Sue Tarwater (right) for judging the contest. She always does a great job and doesn’t seem to mind the interruptions. She was looking sharp in her white judging outfit. The following is a list of winners. We had (54) entries in all, thanks for all the hard work!

Here are the winners:

White extracted honey

1- Beth Ematerio

2- Glendon Davis

3- Danny Garland

Light amber extracted honey

1- Charles Parton

2- Doug Hardwick

3- Darlene Parton

Dark amber extracted honey

1- Reuben Payne

2- Dennis Barry

3- Fred Hicks

Light comb honey

1- Dennis Barry

2- Deborah Bowie

3- Justin Mize

Dark comb honey

1- Deborah Bowie

2- Reuben Payne

3- Dennis Barry


1- Judy O’dell

2- Deborah Bowie

Products from beeswax

1- Judy O’dell

2- Deborah Bowie

3- Harry Bowie

Frame of honey

1- Dale Hinkle