Charlie Stewart grant applications due March 1, 2012

Applications for the 2012 Charlie Stewart Grants, awarded each year by the Blount Count Beekeepers Association, are due by March 1, 2012.

The purpose of the grant is to enhance the skills of current beekeepers, or to promote new beekeepers, young and old.

This year we will assign mentors to grant recipients for new beekeepers, and will award 7 grants in the amount of $200. The only requirement to be eligible for the grant is to make application, and if you are given a grant, you must join the Blount County Beekeepers Association and attend the regular monthly meetings.

The Charlie Stewart Scholarship program was established in January of 2001  in memory of one of its longstanding and honored members. The scholarship is funded by an annual auction of beekeeping equipment, baked goods and other beekeeping paraphernalia in the spring.

You can download a copy of the grant application by clicking here: Charlie Stewart Grant application

In the past, the scholarship was presented to young persons, age 13-18, to promote beekeeping and teach the skills necessary to become good beekeepers. After awarding 3 scholarships over the first 3 years, the Board of BCBA has modified the award and the new name is The BCBA/Charlie Stewart Grant.

The number of grants awarded depends on the success of the association’s annual auction. On the application, please state the intended use of the grant money in your beekeeping endeavors.

If you are a new beekeeper and wish to apply, you may state you need to purchase equipment or protective clothing. Current beekeepers may wish to apply to enhance their already established apiaries, such as trying new mite treatments or beetle control traps, etc. We hope that the following year you would be able to speak to the club about how you used your grant, and what you were able to accomplish with it.

Once the applications are in, a committee will meet, select recipients, and award the grants at the following meeting on March 12.

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