Wooden ware workshop set for March 24

A workshop on constructing wooden ware the proper way will be held on the Saturday March 24.

BCBA members will show new beekeepers how to put together hive bodies, supers and frames. They will also show how to put foundation into the frames, using wire and the push pin alternative.

This will be a hands on demonstration, and you will be constructing actual equipment. Everything will be provided, including some refreshments.

We will begin at 9:30 and finish around lunch time. Veteran and rookie beekeepers are invited to attend.


The location is the Masonic Hall in Alcoa, 797 Vose Street. Directions to the Masonic hall:

Take Hall Road to Bessemer street and turn East. Follow Bessemer through Alcoa, under the tunnel, and to Springbrook Road, about 1.25 miles. Go straight at the stop sign, and go 0.25 miles and turn left on N. Wright street. Go 0.3 miles to Vose Street. The Masonic Hall is at the intersection of Vose and Wright, on the left. Look for the sign!

Questions? Contact Dennis Barry at 414-2116.

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