Everyone needs to be doing hive inspections on their bees.  With all the rain that we are having this will make the bees want to swarm more.  This means opening the box and looking to see if the bees need more room because of overcrowding, or have swarm cells in their brood box.

Overcrowding can be resolved by adding 2 frames of foundation in the center of the brood box.  When adding 2 frames of foundation due to crowding, one will need to put a frame of brood in the middle of the foundation.   The bees are more likely to pull it straight.

If they have a capped queen cell you will need to pull the old queen and make a split.  This is called artificial swarming. With artificial swarming one does not have to chase the bee (swarm) around the trees and it will help to keep the numbers up in the hive for making honey, which is what will all want with the hive.  Do not forget to look about the mite count when you are doing the hive inspections.  If you have questions please call on your county inspectors for the best treatment at this time of the year.

Our speaker this month will help to guide you on identifying the varroa loads in your hives.