The BCBA established in 2013 a Helping Hands committee that is designed to give some short-term, emergency assistance to local beekeepers when they have specific needs.

One of the thoughts behind this committee was that BCBA members could step in when a beekeeper became ill and could not perform some of the tasks necessary to keep the hives going.

Harlan Breeden, the current vice president of the association, is heading this committee, and he could use your assistance. The committee’s work is designed to be one-time or very temporary. Committee members will not take over management of hives or perform tasks that could be performed by the owners of the hives themselves.

If you need emergency assistance, let Harlan know (719-1828).

If you would like to help Harlan and others out, please get in touch with him. The more folks we have at this, the better it will work.