It’s still January, but a couple of sellers have advised that those who want packages of bees this spring should place their orders now.

That advice comes from a couple of different sellers who are members of the Blount County Beekeepers Association: Coley O’Dell and Howard Kerr.

Both say that their suppliers have informed them that there is likely to be a high demand and a shortage of bees this spring. Those two factors inevitably mean that prices will be higher, but the beekeeper looking to replenish the apiary should not wait for cheaper packages.

“Once they’re gone, there won’t be any more,” Howard says.

You can order directly from Howard or Coley. Here are their numbers:

Howard Kerr: 865-982-6750

Coley O’Dell: 865-984-5393

We’ll update this post if there are others in the BCBA who are selling packages.