It has “looked like” rain all afternoon — wind, dark clouds, distant thunder, a deep blue on the southwestern horizon.

Finally, a few minutes ago the sky opened up, and it is pouring right now.

It’s the first time we have seen real rain in about three weeks. During that time we have had 90+ degree weather, and everything has become dry and crunchy. The rain won’t last too long, but there is more on the way, possibly tonight and possibly tomorrow. We need it.

Most of the flowers that bees feed on have gone, and everything else has dried up. We try to counter that by planting buckwheat, which has a small morning-only nectar flow. When the nectar is available, the bees are there making honey for themselves and possibly a little bit for the beekeeper. But if the weather goes dry, the buckwheat doesn’t produce nectar, and the bees don’t have anything.

Maybe the shower we’re having will get the buckwheat nectar flowing again.