August is the time for treatments, chemical and non-chemical

Now that most of us have taken off the honey from the hives (and leaving plenty for the bees for both late summer and winter), we need to start thinking about how we can help the bees control the varroa that is inevitably in the hives.

Treatments can include chemical and non-chemical substances.

In the well-produced, 12-minute video below, Texas beekeeper Tom Fris demonstrates how to give bees a dusting of powdered sugar, which many believe is a good alternative to putting chemicals into the hives — chemicals that will place residues in the wax that will never leave.

This is the second of a two-part video. The first has Fris inspecting his hives. You can view this part on the article page below.

Dusting with powdered sugar is pretty labor intensive, as you can see if you watched the video above. Some beekeepers do this more than once during the season.

Fries’ idea of checking for mites after you’ve dusted is excellent and something that seems fairly easy to pull off.

Here’s the first part of the video.

Key words: powdered sugar, Tom Fris, beekeeping, sustainable beekeeping, treating for varroa mites, dusting for varroa, alternatives to chemicals in beehives

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