BCBA members report on their honey harvests

We asked our members to report to us on what kind of a honey harvest they had this year. Here are some of the responses:

Charlie Parton

My honey crop was average based on the number hives which survived the winter. A bright spot is that the bees I moved to north Georgia are making a good sourwood crop which I will extract in August.


Dick Cubberley 
I harvested 48 pints from two colonies, a total of  15 frames out of two supers . It also looks like may have a small fall harvest as well. This was also very high-quality honey. I’m satisfied with that!!


Phil Colclough

Myers and I got 4.5 gallons from one hive….the other was re-queened in the spring so they didn’t have any surplus…


Bryan Rowell

3 hives = 180#

Good year


Coley O’Dell

We harvested about 1300 lbs and 4 supers of comb honey. About average are a little below. Sourwood appears to be better than the past three years.


Jeremiah Bredberg (1st year bee keeper)

The package of bees we got in April has done well I think, almost 2 full deeps, very active bees.  I placed a honey super on the hive a month ago but they’ve shown little interest in drawing out comb.  The nuc we got in May hasn’t done well.  It seemed weak from the beginning and hasn’t expanded much although there is activity and they are taking the syrup regularly.  Queen is still there and I saw some eggs recently but just not much expansion.


John Gee

I had two hives and harvested about 300 lb.  of honey. I think this was a good year.


Barbara Maniaci

We did, in fact, get some honey this year.  Our very first year.  So far, we have only taken honey from BeeBabes2, the hive we didn’t do anything with.  We don’t think it swarmed, but we aren’t certain because we couldn’t tell where all the bees came from when they swarmed.  We got 6 quarts, and left plenty for the bees.  The honey was clear and light and very mild in flavor.  We have given some to the neighbors, and have plenty for our own use this fall, winter and through next spring .  We used the 2 frame extractor from the Blount Co Beekeepers, for which we were very grateful. (Barbara’s complete tale of being a new beekeeper is elsewhere on this site.)


Mark Evans

Good year; From relatively new Beek; Averaged a gallon and a half per 8 frame hive; Drawing out new comb and increased hive numbers with spring splits


Rosslyn Lyons

Lost my queens late in the spring to swarms but both hives saved. I have had tons of bees plenty of drones and my new queens picked up quick and have a nice laying pattern with no signs of disease or pests. Almost no honey flow…..Pulled one med. super from hives and left about the same for them to eat. No honey this year.


John Neal and Jim Stovall

We did two extractions this year, one in the middle of June and the other at the end of July. Between them we harvested more than 200 pounds of honey. The first batch was very light, mostly crimson clover. The second as darker with some clover, wildflowers and buckwheat. It was about an average year for us. The bees are enthusiastically feeding on the buckwheat that is currently in bloom in our garden.

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