Late summer is a tough time for bees.

A lot of their honey is gone (because we’ve taken it), and there isn’t much to feed on. One of the solutions to this dilemma is buckwheat, a subject that we wrote about just a couple of weeks ago.

A good amount of buckwheat is now in bloom in our garden (early August), and more is on the way, so last Saturday I got out there with a video camera and shot this short (1:11) clip of the bees working the buckwheat blooms. The bees weren’t at all shy.



They will make some good honey out of this that we will leave on the hives to see them through the winter.


Additional note

Doug Hardwick's patch of buckwheat.

Doug Hardwick’s patch of buckwheat.

Doug Hardwick planted some buckwheat in a small spot near his beehives on Saturday. He watered the patch thoroughly. By yesterday (Wednesday) he had this:



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