September is National Honey Month

IMG_1807September is National Honey Month.

For beekeepers, of course, every month is a time when we think about bees and what they produce, but this may give us a chance to bring a few more folks in on our thinking.

Tammy Horn, state apiarist for Kentucky and nationally known bee expert and author, has noted that

. . . while Americans consume 400 million pounds of honey every year, only 135 million pounds are produced in the United States. This disparity puts American consumers at risk of buying honey that is adulterated or that has been “cut,” or combined with ingredients other than honey. “The best way to be sure you are buying pure honey is to buy from a local source you know and trust,” Horn said.

Horn said more beekeepers are needed. “With demand for honey in the United States far exceeding supply, there are tremendous opportunities in beekeeping and honey production,” Horn said. “The Kentucky Department of Agriculture is happy to help anyone who wants to get started in this fascinating and rewarding business.” (quoted material)

More beekeepers would be a good thing.

Less imported honey would also be a good thing.

So if we can use National Honey Month to bring us closer to those things, then let’s celebrate.


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One thought on “September is National Honey Month

  1. With the official US government concern surrounding the loss of pollinators, specifically honey bees; perhaps the government should consider a tax break allowance for both new and old bee keepers that would help offsetting overall beekeeping costs.

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