Jewish honey? Yeah, and sumac honey tastes just like sumac

Caught in passing, this headline:

Sourced: Ring in a sweet Rosh Hashanah with Jewish honey

Jewish beekeeper tends to hives as mission for “Tikkun Olam” — to repair the world — and get other local Jews to join her.

Jewish honey?

The brainless-ness of some news reporters, to this journalism professor, is embarrassing.

At one point in her report, she tastes sumac honey and exclaims, “Hmmm, tastes like sumac!” She’s tasted sumac? Wonder how that worked out?

Well, enough. Don’t go there. But if you must, here’s the link.


Key words: Jewish honey, sumac honey, brainless reporters

One thought on “Jewish honey? Yeah, and sumac honey tastes just like sumac

  1. Her Toyota what?? Grant from us. Where is your buddy Soros, or the Cali Dude? It never ends( Jose Ash > There are few laws that will pass the Constitutional test. Governments do not pass laws for peoples protection or to secure the rights of anyone other than the government itself, or its benefactors. There is always deceit behind every act of legislation no matter how well conceived their rationalization, just as there is always a majority of gullible willing to accept their reasoning as true concern for public interest or safety. > > Every act of a government, from county, city, state, to the federal government, has just as equally, if not more so, the consequence of restricting those rights, that are by intention of our Constitution ABSOLUTE.

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