Plant bee-friendly flowers – that’s the message

The video embedded in this post is more than a bit over the top.

So, make sure you’ve taken your anti-schmalz meds before you watch it.

Still, the sentiment is correct. We should plant more bee-friendly flowers. That’s something everyone can do to help arrest the massive losses of honeybees we are experiencing.

The video comes from Cascadian Farm, an organic foods brand owned by General Mills, as part of its Bee-Friendlier campaign.

The video promotes something called Seedles, a gumball-sized pellet that contains wildflower seeds, compost and clay. All you have to do with these is drop them on the ground, push them in with your food, and . . . voila! the bees are happy.

Among other things, the video shows an airplane spreading these things across a field while small children and their parents stand behind a fence cheering.

As I said, all a bit over the top.

Good sentiment, but there is a problem, not with the sentiment but with the messenger.


As the New York Times reports, some have pointed out that despite this campaign, General Mills still sanctions the use of  some very un-bee-friendly pesticides in many of the products it raises and sells. Cascadian Farm is about three percent of General Mills business.

The Times quotes a spokesperson for General Mills as saying the company wants to offer a range of choices for the consumer. Honesty is rarely prominent when a company speaks to the public. Better to have said simply that General Mills wants to profit from the public in any way it can. It is dedicated neither to “bee-friendliness” nor to a “range of choices” for the consumer.


Key words: bee-friendlier, Cascadian Farm, General Mills, honeybees, planting bee-friendly flowers, New York Times, Seedles

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