Feds’ pollinator report delayed until after Christmas

If you were looking forward to sitting by the open fire on Christmas Eve and the reading the report on how to save pollinators that President Obama mandated in June, forget it.

The White House has announced that the report will be delayed until after the holidays, according to Greenwire, a service of EENews.

The report — which aims to cull studies on honeybees, wild bumblebees, and other insects and animals considered crucial in agriculture — will be released after the holidays, said Michael Stebbins, assistant director for biotechnology in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Stebbins also announced that both the General Services Administration and the Council on Environmental Quality will release a guidance today for agencies to integrate pollinator-friendly landscaping on federal facilities, the first fruits of Obama’s June memorandum on pollinators (Greenwire, June 20).

“The dead of winter is not a good time to be sending a message on pollinators,” Stebbins told the annual North American Pollinator Protection Campaign conference in Washington, D.C. He declined to clarify when the report would be released. (quoted material)

Exactly why the “dead of winter” is such an awful time is not clear.

Some of us would welcome this report at any time — the sooner, the better.


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