New Beekeepers Class ; Saturday, March 12th – location updated


 Interested in beekeeping?  Did February’s short course spark your interest, and now you hunger for more in-depth information? If so, come to our New Beekeepers Class, on Saturday March 12.  This class is FREE, but you must call Stacey or Jose to pre-register.

Class times: 9 am to 3 pm- Please bring your lunch and a drink

We will cover:

  1. Identification of Queen, Workers and Drones ( Adults and Brood)
  2. Breakdown of Hive Components ( The brood chamber and honey supers)
  3. Picking up Packages and Nucs and Installation ( Moving bees, Package installation demonstration)
  4. Feeding Packages and Nucs (Types of feed and types of feeders)
  5. Smokers, smoker fuel and how to light them ( Demonstration)
  6. Personal protective equipment ( Review of protective clothing)
  7. Getting into the Hive- How to inspect and how frequently (Proper way to enter a hive, manipulate frames, look for brood, food stores, tools useful for the inspection)
  8. Keeping bees in Urban areas (tips for successful beekeeping in urban areas)

 The class will be held at the Maryville Church of Christ (same location as the short course) across from the Foothills Mall.

For more information and to register for class (no cost):

Jose` Ashbrook  379-6434, 258-8636

Stacey Adair 983-6223, 254-2500

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