New Beekeepers Class March 11th

New Beekeepers Class

March 11, 2017

Maryville Church of Christ, Sherwood Dr

9am- 3pm

Bring Lunch and drink


Additional classes to help get you started in beekeeping. BCBA member Jose` Ashbrook will present topics including:

  • the identification of the different classes of bees
  • all of the hive components (Boxes to foundation)
  • tools used in beekeeping
  • how to install packages or nucleus colonies of bees
  • feeding of new installations of bees
  • personal protective gear
  • smoker use and lighting
  • how to inspect your hive and work in it safely without harming the queen.


This class is designed to be interactive, and questions and comments are welcomed.

A notebook will be provided to those who register for the class. There is no charge, and registration must be done by March 5th. You are welcome to come after the registration deadline, however you will not be provided with class notes. Please email Stacey Adair or call 983-6223, or Jose` Ashbrook  to register.

We look forward to seeing you!

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