New Beekeepers Field Day April 29th

There will be a field day for new beekeepers at Charlie Parton’s farm, beginning at 10:00 am, Saturday, April 29th. The address is 1768 East Brown School Road in Maryville. There will be a sign at the driveway (Beekeepers Field Day) directing you to the barn. Please bring your protective clothing; veil, gloves and long sleeves.

Guided by an experienced beekeeper you will learn:

a. the proper way to open a hive and remove frames
b. to identify eggs, larvae, capped brood, pollen and honey
c. to identify the queen, workers and drones

After a light lunch, anyone who wishes will be able to tour the Honey House

Rain date Saturday May 6th

Charlie Parton 865-776-1875
Chuck Davis President BCBA 566-3690

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