Guest speaker for May, Dr. Jennifer Tsuruda

BCBA May 8th meeting will feature guest speaker Dr. Jennifer Tsuruda SC Apiculture Specialist. Many of you will remember her from the 2016 TBA fall conference and BCBA in 2015. She will be speaking on Photography and Bees and Monitoring for Varroa and treatment options. Jennifer is a very energetic and gifted speaker, you will not want to miss this meeting.


Originally from California Jennifer has been studying honey bees for over 15yrs. She received her PhD at the University of California at Davis, was a postdoctoral researcher at Purdue University and has studied honey bee foraging behavior, reproductive Physiology, behavioral resistance to mites and genomic imprinting. Since joining Clemson University as SC’s Apiculture Specialist in 2014, she has been working on research projects related to honey bee genetics and pesticide exposure in ornamental landscapes. Jennifer has also been organizing and speaking at scientific and stakeholder meetings, guest lecturing, participating in field days and holding training programs and outreach events.

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