Fall is a busy time for East Tennessee Beekeepers! There are many events taking place in our local area that may appeal to you. Just a few-

Tennessee Valley Fair- September 7-16th. Please come by the honey show and see the honey and association exhibits. You may also volunteer to work the exhibit, answering questions from the visitors. Visit Blount County Beekeepers Association on Facebook for link to calendar to volunteer.

Blue Ribbon Country Fair at the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center- September 29th. In it’s 12th year this year! Come by the Honey Show and see the exhibit, and visit all the other exhibits including Poultry, Woodworking, Photography, Canned goods, etc.

Tennessee Beekeepers Association Fall Conference- October 12-13th. Visit the TBA website for information and to register. Early registration ends September 28th. There is also a Honey Show competition with the conference!