October is Auction Night!

The annual auction to support new beekeeper grants will be Monday, October 8th. The Blount County Beekeepers Association in conjunction with the Tennessee Beekeepers Association offers new beekeeper grants in the spring of each year. The TBA provides 2 grants, and BCBA provides 3 additional grants each year. We generate the funds to cover the costs of the hive components and packages of bees by having an auction each fall.

Members are asked to bring any be related items they have to donate to the auction. We request that if items are used, such as hive tools, smokers, etc. that they be clean and disinfected. We ask that no used wooden ware be donated. New wooden ware is greatly appreciated.

We also love to have other items that may not be bee related, but great for the beekeepers! We have auctioned fresh eggs, pies, cakes, jewelry, clothing, hand made crafts, paintings, wood turnings etc. and have had quite some auction battles over these items! Anything you would like to donate would be appreciated, as this is our sole fundraiser for the grants.

So, bring your items and your check book to the October meeting and plan on having a great time!


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