Maryville Farmer’s Market

June is national pollinator month!

Blount County Beekeepers Association along with Tennessee Beekeepers Association, have been ask to set up an information only booth on June 27th at Blount County Farmers Market. We need to be set up by 8:30AM and market runs until Noon.

We have tables, a canopy and literature. We need volunteers to talk to people about beekeeping and pollination. Several members for 1 hr would be great. 3-4 members the whole time even better.

If you received a call from our swarm list or if you received a beekeeping grant. This is a perfect way to give back to the club and represent area beekeepers. You do not need to bee a long time beekeeper. If this is your first year, you have knowledge to share!
Please, let us know here if you will be able to help, contact Joshua Chambers or Bob Coles.

Thank you for checking your schedule and considering helping out!
An email went out a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately no one has volunteered to help. We really need to know if we can do this by Wednesday June 17th.


As of 6/17/2020, we have some volunteers….be we always have room for YOU!!!!!


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