TBA is now online!

VERY EXCITING NEWS- You can now join TBA or renew your membership online at https://tba46.wildapricot.org

A huge thank you to Barry Richards, TBA Past President, and Shelia McGuire Voss, TBA Treasurer, for all their work to make this happen! The below email was sent out to TBA members yesterday:

Special notice – New membership database information- TBA members:

As you may be aware, the Tennessee Beekeepers Association is moving our membership database to a secure online system hosted by Wild Apricot. This system is currently used by several other beekeeping organizations and will streamline the management of our membership.

Soon you will receive an email from our system requesting you to reset your password. This is your opportunity to create a password to access your membership that only you will know. After choosing a password, you will be able to log in and view your current membership status. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, be sure to check your “spam” folder. If you don’t receive the email you may visit the new membership site at https://tba46.wildapricot.org.

This email will go out to everyone in our current membership list. If your membership lapsed before Oct 1, 2020 you will not receive this email. However, you can still visit the site at https://tba46.wildapricot.org/ to create a membership.

A follow-up email will go out this weekend to all whose membership lapsed at the beginning of 2021. Be aware, if you have recently mailed in a renewal or renewed through your local association, there may be a delay in updating your info online.

We know there will be some hiccups and adjustments to be made. There are some households who have multiple members using the same email address. We have made adjustments for this in our system. There are also many members who have not provided an email and no doubt, some members who have changed their email since they first joined TBA.

If you have questions about this process or if you need our treasurer to manually update your record, please email join@tnbeekeepers.org.

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