Inspecting a frame of bees under an East Tennessee sky
A beekeeper inspects the hives under an East Tennessee sky

The Blount County Beekeepers Association is a group of friendly folks dedicated to the best practices of beekeeping and to encouraging beekeeping in East Tennessee. We are an active association with monthly meetings, an informative newsletter and community projects throughout the year. One main focus is to encourage new beekeepers to develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in keeping bees.

Beekeeping is a noble pursuit with a history as long as civilized mankind. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians kept bees, and Christian scripture speaks of a land of milk and honey.

Bees are among the most important and interesting creatures on earth. Not only do they produce honey but, more importantly, they are one of nature’s most efficient pollinators of crops. One estimate is that bees are responsible for about a third of our food supply.

Yet our current environment threatens bees. The increased use of pesticides and herbicides and the continuing urbanization of our land has created a difficult world for bees to inhabit. Many people do not understand the role that bees play in our lives and look upon them as pests to be eradicated.

The members of the Blount County Beekeepers Association are dedicated to the highest standards of beekeeping and are constantly pursuing ways to make the world safer for bees and for us all.

And we have fun doing it. Why not join us in that pursuit.

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  1. Needing help transferring bees from a wood pile to a box——-I have boxes just need help getting from wood pile into the box finding the queen

  2. Greetings, my name is Ian Campbell.
    I’m working with a commercial bee farmer – Avram, in Hendersonville,Tn. We have established healthy hives and nucs available for sale in bulk or retail. We also offer mobile pollination services. I was wondering if you might know anyone in the region that might be interested.
    Ian Campbell

  3. I have a son he’s 11 and has 4 hives that was Give to him by his pawpaw in Virginia and we’re here in Maryville and gotta moth problem but anyway was just wondering if someone could come by look at the hives and give advice or opinions. Feel free to text Peyton @ 865-228-3601 or call. I’m his moma and my number is 865-312-1658

  4. Hello Fellow Bee Lovers, My name is Levra Caby…I attended my first meeting last Tuesday (May 2022 Mtg) and enjoyed it very much. I have recently moved here from the and live in Maryville close to Montvale Rd. I am actually seeking either part or full time work as well as interested in working with a Teaching Apiary & being put on the Swarm List…I have a bee suit. I am also a professional welder and speak Spanish. Feel free to give me a shout @ 619-964-3727. Thank you

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