The following items have been listed as available from members of the Blount County Beekeepers Association.

(Some items may no longer be available.)

Howard Kerr
1728 Big Springs Road
Maryville TN 37801

Howard Kerr is currently taking orders for:

  • 3 -lb package of bees unmarked queens $101
  • 3-lb package of bees marked queens $105
  • Unmarked queens $25
  • 5 frame nucs $170
  • New Illinois commercial boxes $10

Packages are expected to arrive March 31st. To reserve your packages
and queens, call 216-2550 or email Howard at Leave your name,
spelling of your name, phone number and number of packages you want with
either marked or unmarked queen if no answer.


Smokey Ridge Apiaries
368   O’Dell Rd.
Maryville, TN  37801
(865) 984-5393

Coley O’Dell at Smokey Ridge Apiaries is currently taking orders:

  • 3-lb. package of bees, marked queens, $112
  • 5-frame deep nuc, $180
  • marked queens, $25

Packages will be delivered on April 1 or the first week in April, weather permitting. The first load of nucs will be delivered April 14th (must prepay by April 7th)  and the second load of nucs will be delivered April 28th (must prepay by April 21st). Queens will be delivered April 11th or 12th (must prepay by March 31st), all deliveries weather permitting.

Payment in full is required for packages by March 24th (no exceptions). Call the number above or order and pay via website at


Ricky Bailey

Ricky is currently taking deposits for:

  • 5 frame nucs, Carniolans, marked queen, $175

A $100 deposit is required to reserve your order. Delivery the second or third
week of April, weather permitting.

(Posted February 9,2017)