Congratulations to the Officers and Directors of BCBA for their very successful new beekeepers short course on Saturday. It was very well attended with about 110 people in the morning session, many of whom were potential new beekeepers. A special thanks to the vendors who also came and displayed their wares.

If you are a potential new beekeeper and missed the short course, BCBA will have another class on March 11th at the Church of Christ. Sign up is requested and there will be more information posted on it soon. If you need bees, please refer to our Items for Sale page. Also remember to download a copy of the grant application if you would like to have a free hive and bees. 6 grants will be awarded at the March meeting, and the deadline to apply is March 9th.



Just a reminder that the Short Course will be held this Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm with a break for lunch around noon. Our Vice President Mark Evans has asked that BCBA members meet at 8 am to help set up for the course. It will be a great day packed with information for getting started in bee keeping, and with vendors there where you can purchase beekeeping supplies. Please see our Items for Sale page if you wish to purchase bees.

Location: Maryville Church of Christ
611 Sherwood Drive

This year Blount County Beekeepers Association (BCBA) will award six beekeeping grants. Three grants will be awarded in conjunction with the Tennessee Beekeepers Association (TBA), and three Charlie Stewart Grants will be awarded by BCBA.

Blount County Beekeepers Association established the Charlie Stewart Scholarship program in memory of one of its longstanding and honored members. The scholarship is funded by an annual auction of beekeeping equipment, baked goods and other beekeeping paraphernalia in the spring. Proceeds from the auction also help support the TBA grants.

Please follow the link to read the requirements for the grants, an application, and instructions on how to apply. Deadline for application is March 9th.

Contact Luke Newman for more information. 865-206-0775



Jaime Newland, 2016 TBA Grant Recipient




Our regular meeting of BCBA on February 13th will feature speaker Howard Kerr. He will be speaking on Bee Biology and Physiology. As many of you know, Howard is a wonderful speaker and is a wealth of knowledge regarding honey bees. You won’t want to miss this informative meeting! Guests are welcome.

BCBA members, please remember that we will have vendors at the short course where you may purchase your beekeeping supplies. If you order and prepay at Dadant or Kelley, they will bring your order to the short course so you don’t have to pay shipping. Smokey Ridge Apiaries will also be at the meeting with their wares, and they are a local company here in Blount County.


Saturday February 18th

9:00-3:00 PM

Maryville Church of Christ

611 Sherwood Drive

No registration needed, class is free to all

Call 719-1828 for information

The Blount County Beekeepers Association will hold its May meeting at the Maryville Church of Christ on Sherwood Drive, across the bypass from Foothills Mall.

The association will return to the Blount County Library for its June meeting, but the Maryville Church of Christ will be the permanent meeting place with the July meeting.

The May meeting will be on Monday, May 9, at 6:30 p.m.

Clarence Collison

Clarence Collison

The featured speaker will be Clarence Collison, a well-known beekeeper and an Emeritus Professor of Entomology and Emeritus Head of the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Mississippi State University, having retired from the position in 2010. Prior to assuming this position at Mississippi State University in March 1989, he was an extension entomologist at The Pennsylvania State University where he served as a beekeeping/pollination specialist and livestock entomologist. He is a contributor to Bee Culture magazine.

Collison will speak on examining combs and what they tell the beekeeper and the importance of genetic diversity.

The change of location for the association meeting was brought about by the rapid growth of the organization. We have nearly 150 members and have had more than 100 people attending meetings this year.

The room at Maryville Church Christ is the same as the one used for the short course for new beekeepers in February. We had more than 200 people at that meeting with plenty of room for vendor stands and tables.

The annual BCBA Field Day for New Beekeepers will be Saturday, April 30, at 1 p.m. at Charlie Parton’s farm.

The farm is located at.1730 East Brown School Road

Everyone is welcome, even if you’re not a BCBA member.

What to bring: Veil, protective clothing and a hive tool.

Directions: From Sevierville Road/411 North off South Washington Street (Fort Craig School), go south 1.9 miles and turn left onto Brown School Road and go .3 miles to a three-way stop. Turn right onto East Brown School Road and continue approximately 1.4 miles. You’ll come to Charlie’s driveway on the right but continue past that and look for a sign at the driveway near the barn.

In case of questionable weather, please call 776- 1875.


The March meeting of the BCBA feature about swarms – how to prevent them and how to catch them if you can’t.  Veteran beekeeper Rickey Bailey will talk about swarming and some of the techniques beekeepers traditionally use to prevent swarming. Doug Hardwick, a long-time member of the BCBA, will discuss ways of catching swarms and the equipment you will need to do this.

The meeting will be Monday, March 14, at 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the Blount County Library. Seasonal management tips will be presented by one of our veteran beekeepers. All of these speakers will present interesting information and opinions, and there will be plenty of time for questions and comments.

As always, our meetings are free and open to the public. Invite a friend to come along with you. Even if the friend isn’t interested in becoming a beekeeper, we always have lively, friendly discussions about what we should be doing with our bees.


 Interested in beekeeping?  Did February’s short course spark your interest, and now you hunger for more in-depth information? If so, come to our New Beekeepers Class, on Saturday March 12.  This class is FREE, but you must call Stacey or Jose to pre-register.

Class times: 9 am to 3 pm- Please bring your lunch and a drink

We will cover:

  1. Identification of Queen, Workers and Drones ( Adults and Brood)
  2. Breakdown of Hive Components ( The brood chamber and honey supers)
  3. Picking up Packages and Nucs and Installation ( Moving bees, Package installation demonstration)
  4. Feeding Packages and Nucs (Types of feed and types of feeders)
  5. Smokers, smoker fuel and how to light them ( Demonstration)
  6. Personal protective equipment ( Review of protective clothing)
  7. Getting into the Hive- How to inspect and how frequently (Proper way to enter a hive, manipulate frames, look for brood, food stores, tools useful for the inspection)
  8. Keeping bees in Urban areas (tips for successful beekeeping in urban areas)

 The class will be held at the Maryville Church of Christ (same location as the short course) across from the Foothills Mall.

For more information and to register for class (no cost):

Jose` Ashbrook  379-6434, 258-8636

Stacey Adair 983-6223, 254-2500

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Welcome to the web site of the Blount County Beekeepers Association in Maryville, Tennessee.

This site will tell you a little about the association and how to become a member. It will also tell you a little about beekeeping.

Bees are an important part of our environment and particularly our agricultural system. They are also fascinating creatures.

We hope you will be interested enough to join us at some point, even if you're not interested in keeping bees. There are lots of ways you can join in with what we do.

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Schedule of BCBA meetings for 2017

The Blount County Beekeepers Association meets on the second Monday of every month, except for September and December, at 6:30 p.m. at the Maryville Church of Christ, 611 Sherwood Drive in Maryville.

All of the meetings are open to the public, and anyone interested in learning more about beekeeping is welcome and encouraged to attend.

The following is the schedule of meetings and activities for 2017:

January 9 – regular meeting

February 13 – regular meeting

February 18 – BCBA short course for new beekeepers

March 11 – New Beekeeper Classes

March 13 – regular meeting

March 18 -Wooden Ware class

April 10 – regular meeting

April 29-
Field Day for new beekeepers

May 8 – regular meeting

June 12 – regular meeting

July 10 – regular meeting

August 14 – regular meeting

October 9 – regular meeting

November 13 – regular meeting

December 11 – Christmas dinner

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