Tennessee state apiarist reports case of American foulbrood

Mike Studer, the Tennessee state apiarist, reports that a case of American foulbrood was recently found in a hive in Sullivan County in Upper East Tennessee. American foulbrood is one of the worst things that can happen to a hive, and it usually results in the hive — bees and all — having to beContinue reading “Tennessee state apiarist reports case of American foulbrood”

Key question for beehive location: Any good restaurants around here?

Most people believe — and some research has shown — that the best place for a hive is in full sun, not in the shade. Hives can survive in the shade, of course, but full sun has been associated with a lower Varroa mite population. So if you have a choice, choose full sun. More importantly, hives should be close to a lot of sources of nectar and pollen, so the bees can have plenty to eat.

TN Dept. of Ag reports first case of Africanized bees in the state

State Apiarist, Mike Studer, says it is no surprise that partially Africanized bees have made their way to Tennessee considering they have already been found in other states such as Texas, Georgia, Mississippi and Florida. “I’m actually surprised it’s just now happening. We have been expecting this for some time,” Studer said. “Citizens need to be vigilant, but there’s no need to overreact. This is a situation that can be effectively managed through good beekeeping practices.”

The sounds of the bees: Scots are trying to find out what they mean

Are the bees trying to tell us — really tell us — what’s going on inside the hive? Scottish beekeepers and researchers are trying to listen to the bees and figure out what they are saying.

Best Beekeeping Practices Q & A: Dale Hinkle

Dale Hinkle keeps bees in Monroe County but often makes the trek to Blount County where he is a vital part of the Blount County Beekeepers Association. He is the association treasurer, a position that he has held for several years. Dale is one of the few beekeepers in the area to raise his ownContinue reading “Best Beekeeping Practices Q & A: Dale Hinkle”

BCBA to award three TBA grants

A previous post on this site told you about the grants from the Tennessee Beekeepers Association. The Blount County Beekeepers Association will administer three of those grants. Here’s more from BCBA secretary Stacey Adair: Blount County Beekeepers in conjunction with TBA will be offering 3 grants to new beekeepers. The grant will offer an innerContinue reading “BCBA to award three TBA grants”