TBA program offers equipment grants for new beekeepers

Tennessee Beekeepers Association (TBA) with the help of grant funds from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture will provide the equipment kit for two new beekeepers per club with the local associations purchasing one equipment kit – for a total of three kits per association.

Howard Kerr on bees: They are what they eat

You are what you eat; so are the bees. An egg gets hormone-rich royal jelly for about three days, but then the nurse bees most of the time stop feeding that. If a bee continues to get royal jelly, she could develop into a queen.

Inside the hive: a January inspection, propolizing the entrance

Doug Hardwick has sent us the pictures of what he found earlier this month when he inspected one of his hives and fed the bees. Here’s what he wrote: The first pictures show one of my hives and all of the propolis at the entrance. Interesting question: Since we know that ventilation is important, andContinue reading “Inside the hive: a January inspection, propolizing the entrance”

Best Beekeeping Practices Q & A: Howard Kerr

In this new series, Best Beekeeping Practices Q & A, we’ve decided to tap into the wisdom and experiences of some of our veteran members of the Blount County Beekeepers Association and get their recommendations for keeping bees in the East Tennessee area. These folks have been keeping bees around here for decades, and they have a lot to tell us. Our first interviewee is Howard Kerr.

Happy birthday, Rev. L.

As Christmas closes in on us, beekeepers have another reason to note December 25. It is the birthday of Rev. Lorenzo L. Langstroth. The inventor of the Langstroth beehive, the one that most of us use, was born on Dec. 25, 1810, in Philadelphia, Penn. From his earliest days, he took an interest in insectsContinue reading “Happy birthday, Rev. L.”

Blount County beekeepers gather for field day

More than a dozen Blount County beekeepers, rookies and veterans, gathered at Charlie Parton’s farm on Saturday, May 1, for an instructional field day with the bees. Charlie had set up hives with a variety of problems or issues to demonstrate the kinds of problems or opportunities a beekeeper might encounter. New beekeepers got adviceContinue reading “Blount County beekeepers gather for field day”