What’s a beekeeper? Bee Wilson weighs in

What is a beekeeper? Beatrice (Bee) Wilson, British food writer and historian and author of The Hive: The Story of the Honeybee and Us, has this description: Most beekeepers that one meets nowadays are benign amateurs — people who what they do, but don’t like to make a song and dance about it. You see themContinue reading “What’s a beekeeper? Bee Wilson weighs in”

September is National Honey Month

September is National Honey Month. For beekeepers, of course, every month is a time when we think about bees and what they produce, but this may give us a chance to bring a few more folks in on our thinking. Tammy Horn, state apiarist for Kentucky and nationally known bee expert and author, has notedContinue reading “September is National Honey Month”

Innovation in Florida: Citrus growers and beekeepers cooperate

One of the major threats to bees is pesticide usage, and beekeepers constantly complaint that farmers spray pesticides without regard to their neighboring hives. In Florida, however, beekeepers and citrus growers are trying something different: cooperation. A couple of years ago, the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture called together citrus growers and beekeepers and other interestedContinue reading “Innovation in Florida: Citrus growers and beekeepers cooperate”

New Jersey beekeepers produce video urging people to start pollinator gardens

The New Jersey Beekeepers Association has produced a beautiful eight-minute video calling for citizens in that state to plant “pollinator gardens” — spaces that have blooms attractive to pollinators that last all summer long. The video lays out the reasons — well known to use beekeepers — why the non-beekeeping public should be concerned aboutContinue reading “New Jersey beekeepers produce video urging people to start pollinator gardens”

Yet another challenge for the bees – drought

As if our bees didn’t have enough to deal with already. . . In parts of California and the southwestern United States, a three-year drought has parched the land and made life pretty miserable for everyone and everything — including the bees and beekeepers. The Associated Press reports that the drought has devastated the honeyContinue reading “Yet another challenge for the bees – drought”

Marla Spivak on why we are in a honeybee crisis

Marla Spivak of the University of Minnesota is one of the nation’s leading researchers on bee health and beekeeping. She is articulate and eloquent spokesperson for honeybees, the reasons they are in danger, and sensible sustainable beekeeping. In this 16-minute video, she outlines some of the reasons that we should all be paying attention toContinue reading “Marla Spivak on why we are in a honeybee crisis”

BCBA members to offer additional classes for new beekeepers

BCBA members Stacey Adair and José Ashbrook are offering two additional classes for new beekeepers this spring. Here are the particulars: Class times: 9 a.m. to noon Class 1 (This class is offered on two different dates.) March 31st OR April 14th Identification of Queen, Workers and Drones ( Adults and Brood) Breakdown of HiveContinue reading “BCBA members to offer additional classes for new beekeepers”