Feds’ pollinator report delayed until after Christmas

If you were looking forward to sitting by the open fire on Christmas Eve and the reading the report on how to save pollinators that President Obama mandated in June, forget it. The White House has announced that the report will be delayed until after the holidays, according to Greenwire, a service of EENews. TheContinue reading “Feds’ pollinator report delayed until after Christmas”

Obama puts feds behind efforts to save pollinators

In our super-polarized political environment, here’s an issue that should unite Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, lefties, wing-nuts and all manner of thespians: President Barack Obama has committed the Federal government to an all-out effort to save pollinators. In a statement issued by the White House on June 20, the president ordered a government to taskContinue reading “Obama puts feds behind efforts to save pollinators”

From The Hill: UT’s John Skinner writes about efforts to study cranberries and their pollinators

University of Tennessee State Apiculturist John Skinner has recently been part of a research project to find out more about the pollination of cranberries and other berries in the eastern United States. Below is his report, which was originally published in The Hive Tool, the newsletter of the Tennessee Beekeepers Association. The Amazing Cranberry –Bogs,Continue reading “From The Hill: UT’s John Skinner writes about efforts to study cranberries and their pollinators”