Beekeepers in Canada file suit against Bayer, Syngenta

Canadian beekeepers have filed suit again the large chemical companies Bayer and Syngenta, charging them with “negligence” in distributing pesticides that have caused widespread deaths of honeybees and subsequently decreased honey production. The major pesticide in question, of course, is neonicotinoids, better known as neonics. Here’s more on the suit from the Toronto Globe andContinue reading “Beekeepers in Canada file suit against Bayer, Syngenta” Going to court on behalf of the bees

A big part of the battle to save bees and improve the environment for all of us is taking place, not in the fields and around the hives, but in the nation’s courtrooms. One of those battles is being fought by an outfit named describes itself as . . . the nation’s premiereContinue reading “ Going to court on behalf of the bees”