Bee bacteria could be substitute for antibiotics

Scientists are Lund University in Sweden are finding that 13 lactic acid bacteria found in raw honey are possibly powerful agents in combatting infections, particularly those infections that have grown resistant to commonly used antibiotics. People have known about the healing power of honey on open wounds for hundreds of years, but just why itContinue reading “Bee bacteria could be substitute for antibiotics”

Defining honey: Feds thinking about, possibly, stepping in

Most of us — beekeepers and the folks who know them — know where our honey comes from. But lots of people do not. And there is a lot of bogus honey out there, particularly what is used industrially (rather than sold in stores). The problem of bogus honey has been around for a while. In 2006Continue reading “Defining honey: Feds thinking about, possibly, stepping in”

Yet another challenge for the bees – drought

As if our bees didn’t have enough to deal with already. . . In parts of California and the southwestern United States, a three-year drought has parched the land and made life pretty miserable for everyone and everything — including the bees and beekeepers. The Associated Press reports that the drought has devastated the honeyContinue reading “Yet another challenge for the bees – drought”

Tasting honey: American Bee Journal offers a wheel to describe it

If you have ever had trouble in coming up with the words to describe that “taste of honey,” you now have help. The American Bee Journal has published the Honey Flavor Wheel, developed by folks at the University of California-Davis, which gives you an idea of how to talk about the honey that you’ve justContinue reading “Tasting honey: American Bee Journal offers a wheel to describe it”

The joys of buckwheat, part 3: The crowd

If you want to dig into a beekeeping subject with some depth and with people from around the globe, try It’s an online bulletin board where thousands of people go to contribute, discuss, learn and even argue (though always civilly). After writing about buckwheat on this site (HERE and HERE), I posted something aboutContinue reading “The joys of buckwheat, part 3: The crowd”

The perils — and lack of income — of today’s small farmer outlined in NYT op-ed article

Gene Logsdon, The Contrary Farmer (, says that one of the first rules of small farming is this: Make sure you have an income that doesn’t come from farming. Those sentiments and more were echoed by Bren Smithaug in a New York Times op-ed piece titled Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up to Be Farmers. Smithaug,Continue reading “The perils — and lack of income — of today’s small farmer outlined in NYT op-ed article”

Year-around (almost) blooms for the bees

Providing our bees with abundant, natural nutrition is by far the most important task of the beekeeper — far more important than hive inspections, equipment, medications, or any of the other things we spend a lot of time with. What if we could provide that natural nutrition all year long — or 10 months outContinue reading “Year-around (almost) blooms for the bees”

The joys of buckwheat, part 2: the video

Late summer is a tough time for bees. A lot of their honey is gone (because we’ve taken it), and there isn’t much to feed on. One of the solutions to this dilemma is buckwheat, a subject that we wrote about just a couple of weeks ago. A good amount of buckwheat is now in bloomContinue reading “The joys of buckwheat, part 2: the video”

BCBA members report on their honey harvests

We asked our members to report to us on what kind of a honey harvest they had this year. Here are some of the responses: Charlie Parton My honey crop was average based on the number hives which survived the winter. A bright spot is that the bees I moved to north Georgia are makingContinue reading “BCBA members report on their honey harvests”

Blue Ribbon Country Fair 2014 schedule, rules, entry forms available

Doug Hardwick has sent along information and forms for the Blue Ribbon Country Fair and wants to make sure we all have access to them The Blue Ribbon Country Fair will be Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014, at the Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center in Townsend. Admission is $5 per person and free to children underContinue reading “Blue Ribbon Country Fair 2014 schedule, rules, entry forms available”