Tale of a new beekeeper: splits, swarms, lots of excitement, and finally some honey

We sent out an email to the BCBA membership last weekend asking about our members’ honey harvest and received a good number of responses. Many of them are posted elsewhere on this site. None were as detailed as the one below from Barbara Maniaci, so here it is in full: Honey harvest…hmmmm…weeelllll……. We had 2Continue reading “Tale of a new beekeeper: splits, swarms, lots of excitement, and finally some honey”

‘Burt’s Buzz’ tells story of the Burt behind Burt’s Bees

We all know who he is: the image of the part-hippie, part mountain man who graces the packages of bee’s wax at the check-out counter. His real name is Burt Shavitz. He lives alone in a small house that he built in northern Maine. It doesn’t have electricity or running water. Shavits started Burt’s Bees,Continue reading “‘Burt’s Buzz’ tells story of the Burt behind Burt’s Bees”

My grandfather and the bees

> In the early 1960s, a few years before he died in 1965, my grandfather — the Rev. Irl Thomas Stovall — sat down and wrote about what he remember as a child growing up in rural Missouri and as a young preacher and farmer in Kentucky and elsewhere. Here’s part of what he wrote:Continue reading “My grandfather and the bees”

Best Beekeeping Practices Q & A: Dale Hinkle

Dale Hinkle keeps bees in Monroe County but often makes the trek to Blount County where he is a vital part of the Blount County Beekeepers Association. He is the association treasurer, a position that he has held for several years. Dale is one of the few beekeepers in the area to raise his ownContinue reading “Best Beekeeping Practices Q & A: Dale Hinkle”

BCBA to award three TBA grants

A previous post on this site told you about the grants from the Tennessee Beekeepers Association. The Blount County Beekeepers Association will administer three of those grants. Here’s more from BCBA secretary Stacey Adair: Blount County Beekeepers in conjunction with TBA will be offering 3 grants to new beekeepers. The grant will offer an innerContinue reading “BCBA to award three TBA grants”

Best Beekeeping Practices Q & A: Howard Kerr

In this new series, Best Beekeeping Practices Q & A, we’ve decided to tap into the wisdom and experiences of some of our veteran members of the Blount County Beekeepers Association and get their recommendations for keeping bees in the East Tennessee area. These folks have been keeping bees around here for decades, and they have a lot to tell us. Our first interviewee is Howard Kerr.