Bittman’s rules for eating – there are only two

Bittman’s at it again. Mark Bittman, a food writer for the New York Times, wants to change the way you eat. He wants to change the entire food system, too. The way we produce, distribute and consume food. But that’s impossible, so he’s having to content himself with telling us how we should eat, whatContinue reading “Bittman’s rules for eating – there are only two”

Changing the food system, one mouth at a time

One of the best reasons for being interested in bees is not that they are fascinating — they are that, certainly — but that they are vital to our system of food production. But it doesn’t take much study or investigation to know that our system of food production is in trouble. Losses of honeybeesContinue reading “Changing the food system, one mouth at a time”